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  • LED Screen FAQs

    this article is mainly about the basic information of led screen, if you are green in led screen, suggest you read this article.

  • LeadingF Solution 3D Hologram Official Distributor List till 2018/7/31

    Philipines:LeahBrgy. Patubig Marilao Bulacan, PhilippinesLandline # +63448025885Mobile # +639201837950Email: [email protected] WidjajaJakarta, IndonesiaEmail: [email protected] 

  • Different of led display and traditional printed Billboards


  • 3D Printing Filament Guide 2017: ABS vs PLA vs many materials

    Before I go into special filaments, let’s take a look at the two most-used ones: ABS and PLA. You’ve probably heard of both of them and you might also know that you printer is designed to print with b..

  • #2 Help to Config Screen in Sep. 2017

    The second case this month. One customer bought a screen from China but facing big problems of no after service when the screen is in messed up config since Jan. 2017. Till several days ago, he found me and after difficulties of no manufacturer info, no right RCG, slow internet, time difference, etc, today 00:00, we successfully configured the screen and just waiting a new RV card for one cabinet...

  • Video|Relationship between LED Screen Pixel pitch and Viewing Effect

    For lots people, it's not so easy and clear to know what's the relationship between pixel pitch and viewing effect of a led screen. Generally speaking, the smaller pixel pitch, the higher resolution in the same area, the better and clear image shows if you stand in the same distance. Still in confuse? See below video for a visual understanding of this question.

  • #1 Help to Config Screen Sep.

    Just finish a support for a friend to set up the led screen bought 6 years ago (not from me). The original company and contact is gone away from him. But he find me in my Youtube channel. For most people, 6 years is a long time, anything can be changed. But for 7 years till now, I'm still there service my friends to do the same thing. This is a proud thing, right?

  • Notice for Looking a New LED Screen

    What Will You Pay Attention To When Looking For New LED Screen? Nowadays, LED screen are fast replacing LCDs, which is indeed a hint at the redefining ways of technology. Here we point ..

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